Our Story

The Concordia Connection Team, 2017The Concordia concept was born when one trainer became uncomfortable at forever loosening tight nosebands, and of seeing horses being 'held together' as part of the accepted lives of competition horses. She conceived of the idea of a competition suitable for anyone who wanted to compete without such constraints, and for any type of horse, where harmony, lightness and partnership were given priority.

In an astounding flow of synchronicity, one thing led to another and like-minded souls connected. It was realised that we had something that could actually unite horse people from all over the world.  People who are looking for the best ways to work with horses, be they from the natural, modern, traditional or classical schools.

Many people have strong views, of course, so we are focusing on the commonality in our visions and beliefs so that we can learn from each other, and find strength in our numbers to change perspectives in the wider world.