Who is a Concordia Professional?


A Concordia Professional is any person who works with horses who shares the Concordia Vision of a world where all horses are cared for and trained with kindness and thoughtfulness.


Those who share this goal will all be on different paths and we will all be at different places on those paths, but we recognise in each other the shared values of compassion, harmony, empathy, patience, partnership and honesty.


We will have many differences of opinion, for there are many places that the line of what is, or is not ethical can be drawn, but by our open mindedness we can learn from each other, grow in our knowledge, share what we have learned, progress on our path and in our numbers be a force for good for horses all over the world.

We do however share some fundamental core beliefs, that we will not compromise:


  • We believe that all horses are sentient beings meaning that they are capable of being aware of sensations and emotions, of feeling pain and suffering, and of experiencing a state of well being.
  • We believe that horses should have freedom of movement when worked under saddle or from the ground, and that they should be given time to find their own balance and self carriage.
  • We believe in listening to the horse. If a horse opens his mouth, runs away, bucks, rears, hollows or goes against the rider, this may be his way of telling us that he is in pain, that he may be scared or that he doesn't understand what we want.


Because of these beliefs, Concordia Professionals will not condone nor promote any practices of tight or restrictive tack or other equipment, or any method that hold horses in a 'shape', especially by the use of force, severe bits, draw-reins or any gadget or means that restricts the horses natural shape or movement.