Across the planet and

in every area of equestrianism there are people who share our ethos, and The Concordia Connection is the bridge that's joining us together to change outdated perceptions and create a world where horses, and all equines, are cared for and trained with kindness and thoughtfulness.

Our logo represents our international friendship and the connections we are building between humans and horses and between like minded horse people.

Concordia is Latin for harmony literally meaning 'with one heart' and the symbolism of the circle represents the unity of people with shared passion.


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... I am now part of an endlessly curious, thought provoking and kind group of horse lovers.

Olivia Pollard, Oxfordshire, UK


OUR VISION is of a world where all horses are cared for and trained with kindness and thoughtfulness.

OUR SHARED VALUES are compassion, harmony, empathy, patience, partnership and honesty.

OUR RESPECT offers open mindedness so that we can learn from each other and share what we have learned.

OUR BELIEFS form the fundamentals of our position, we believe that all horses are sentient beings capable of being aware of sensations and emotions, of feeling pain and suffering, and of experiencing a state of well
being. We believe that horses should have freedom of movement when worked under saddle or from the ground. We believe in listening to the horse.

OUR COMMITMENT is to promote thoughtful training practices, eliminating the use of restrictive equipment or force

OUR DESIRE is to be a force for good for horses all over the world.


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